Welcome to Research Stir, The Center for Sharing of Biological Research Materials!


Research Stir was established by experienced biomedical research scientists to form a universal platform for easier sharing of proprietary Biological Research Materials between scientists, research labs and institutions. Our professional observations indicate tremendous need for such a service and this is the base for our activity. Our goal is to help the heavily underfunded, frequently isolated and deficient in several other areas today, biomedical scientific research and involved scientists to reach the potential to which they are called by the current unsatisfied needs of modern societies.


We also foster awareness of the scientific research support insufficiency, which if continued may result in deep and long term economic, social and medical wellbeing degradation on a national as well as global levels.


Our Team:


We are biomedical research scientists. We have decades long, wide spectrum biomedical research experience. We frequently experienced firsthand the lack of a universal platform or service that would serve the purpose of connecting and helping researchers and research institutions to deal with the difficult, lengthy and inefficient process of sharing their proprietary biological research materials. Service that would boost the scientific research pace through giving scientists an access to existing original Biological Research Material sources and samples. Biological material that frequently is expensive and time consuming or even impossible to generate or recreate for many under-equipped and underfunded today laboratories.


Our Goal:


Research Stir, SPC being a very unique legal entity, just recently established in Washington State legislature: the Social Purpose Company (SPC), has unique advantages in this field over nonprofit and existing for profit organizations. Advantages especially useful for helping and supporting the Biological Research Materials sharing scientists and institutions. Pursuing our declared Social Purpose to foster the advancement of biomedical research, we are released from regular for profit organizations requirement to generate maximal profit for the company and its members. Being Social Purpose Company we cannot be sued by company members for not maximizing the company profit, while following the path of our declared social purpose. In effect we can provide services for scientists at the lowest reasonable prices just to sustain our continuous activity. This way, we are proud that effectively we share our profit with Biological Research Materials sharing scientists.


We are concerned scientists set to help the unprivileged today scientific research fields to reach the full potential required to satisfy the needs of modern societies. We trust you will support our social purpose goal for better future for us all and the coming generations.


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