Research Stir – Annual Reports

Research Stir being a Social Purpose Company is required by its provisions of incorporation to provide on our website annual reports detailing the corporation’s efforts to promote the declared social purposes, including short-term and long-term objectives, discussion of material actions taken in furtherance of the objectives, and expected future actions to be taken in furtherance of the social objectives.

We are currently in our initial months of activity. At this point we put all our efforts to design, create and activate a comprehensive internet based platform oriented on supporting biomedical scientific research through promotion of innovative methods related to sharing of biological research materials and supporting the scientific community interactions leading to enhancement of resourcing and research collaborations. The beta version of our internet platform works flawlessly today. We are implementing and testing new functions before full activation of our comprehensive internet platform for scientific research support.

The Research Stir Annual Reports will be provided here in a timely manner.